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Moving to Niagara Ontario?

Our company has decades of experience working as professional Niagara movers. In that time we've become very familiar with the area. If you're looking to relocate to Niagara, let us share some of our knowledge with you!

The Niagara Region of southern Ontario, Canada is home to quite a number of big cities and towns. Some notable cities in the Regional Municipality of Niagara include Niagara Falls, Port Colborne and Thorold. Other fast-growing towns such as Fort Erie, Lincoln and Grimsby are also located in the Niagara Region.

Tourism Facts about Niagara Region

Niagara is a key agricultural area in Ontario, with viticulture, or wine-making the major agriculture activity done by the locals. The expansive wine fields in the Niagara Region attract a big number of local and international tourists every year. A popular tourist activity in this area includes exploring the Niagara Wine Route that connects visitors to a number of wineries. The Niagara Falls is also located in this region and provides another top-notch tourist attraction site for thousands of local and international visitors every year. So, apart from visiting the Niagara wineries and exploring the rich wine-growing culture of the locals, visitors in this region also enjoy sightseeing the Niagara Falls, a leading tourist destination in Canada. Other attractions in Niagara Region include Fort Mississauga National Historic Site, Niagara Parkway, Morningstar Mill and Short Hills Provincial Park. Several festivals are also hosted in cities and towns located in Niagara Region every so often. These include the Shaw Festival that is held annually at the Niagara-on-the-Lake town, the Festival of Lights and the Niagara Food Festival. All these activities and attractions make Niagara of the best places to move into in Ontario, Canada.

Educational Institutions in Niagara Region

Did you know that Niagara Region is home to the famous Brock University of Canada? Well, the region is also host to a number of other top-quality higher education institutions that include Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture and Niagara College.

Means of Transportation in Niagara Region

Transport network in Niagara Region is superb. The region is home to a number of well-established airports. These include St. Catharines/Niagara District Airport and Niagara Central Airport. The towns in this region are also well connected with top-quality highways such as Highway 3, Highway 20, Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) and the 400-series expressways. Other important highways in the region include Highway 140 that traverses important attractions in the region. The area is also well-served with railway lines and water transport systems on Lake Ontario in the north and Lake Erie in the south.

More About Niagara

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